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4819304_89ac9ba5-48e4-4f4a-81a7-431d41c4c598 4819304_fcb98a97-7d37-44ab-a338-6b76082f9d82


Original Bumper Series VRS Design for Iphone 7 / 7 Plus

A slim, impact-resistant, and refined design: the Crystal Bumper is a dual layered bumper case perfect for your Apple iPhone 7 / 7 Plus

Military grade certified protection: Case offers all-around heavy duty protection and keeps the screen from scratching or touching the surface

Metal kickstand: conveniently watch or read on your device with the practical hands free function

Premium Material: The high quality grade polycarbonate and TPU layers gives the device an exceptional look and feel

Ready Color :

  • Shine Gold
  • Jet Black
  • Rose Gold
  • Steel silver
  • Light silver

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